Fake Rock Home Solutions

Fake Rocks: A Practical Solution For Your Home

You invest a lot in your home, both in time and money. You want your home to look its best inside and out, and you want your family to feel safe and secure. Fake rocks can help you do this.

Many people have heard of using a fake rock to hide a key. The key is placed inside a secret trap in the bottom of the rock and the fake rock is placed in the yard. There are many fake rocks that look real, and using one of them for this purpose can be very helpful for families who need a place to stash and extra key. 

Some people may travel a lot and might have someone stop in to care for pets or plants. Others use fake rocks to hide a house key for an older child so they don't have to carry a key all over the neighborhood, with the potential that it will be lost.

Of course, fake rocks go way beyond the handheld variety. They can be used for a variety of landscaping options. Buying a real boulder for your yard is nothing short of a small feat. Not only are the rocks heavy, but they are also expensive to move.

Using fake rocks saves a lot of hassle. These rocks can be very low weight props, or be heavy enough to stop and rest on. It all depends on your needs. There are even fake rock covers that will hide unsightly mad-made items such as septic systems and they can also serve as electronic animal repellers to help keep squirrels and rabbits away from your flowers and tomato plants.